Agreements, tasks and pronouncements APPO

The agreements, tasks and pronouncements of the Extra-ordinary Assembly of the expanded council of the APPO which took place on January 19, 2008 are now available to the public.

Agreements (6)
1. To organize the Extraordinary state assembly  to take place on March 1 and 2, 2008, with the goal of reorganizing and reworking the structure of the APPO

2. To promote  mobilization for February 8, 2008 in coordination with the youth assembly, Section 22, and the Oaxaca society to  protest the raise in price for public transport, against repression, liberty for the political prisoners and the recovery by Section 22 of the  schools put into the hands of Section 59.

3. To hand over to the Supreme Court on January 24 the report on events of 2006 and 2007, simultaneously with making the report available to other government offices. This is the accounting of the crimes committed by the governor of  the state. What makes it especially interesting is that this same Supreme Court exonerated Marin, the governor of Puebla, in the face of overwhelming evidence of his complicity in a pederasty ring. The court was divided–  what will happen with URO? This divided court seems to be worth watching.

Tasks (5)

1. To consult with the families of the fallen, jailed, arrested, etc to head a march to the city of Mexico to accompany the handing over of the report to the Supreme Court.

2. Carry out a socioeconomic poll regarding the raise in fares, installation of parking meters, sentiments about the government with the heads of families of schools, colonias, workplaces.

4. Join an event organized by the piqueteros Argentinos (Hijos de la plaza de mayo) January 27, 2008 in the Carmen Alto plazuela.

5. Promote the march called by COMO for February 2 at 16:00 from Llano Park to the zocolo

Pronouncements (2)

1. call for producing the disappeared Chatino, Lauro Juarez


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