Protest at Mexican Governors’ Conference in Dallas

On Sunday, August 19th a group of protesters from Dallas, Austin andHouston gathered to demonstrate against the presence of representatives of Oaxacan Governor Ulises Ruiz at a meeting of the CONAGO–the National Conference of Governors–in Dallas. Approximately 25 people from around Texas converged on the Ramada Inn in Dallas, Texas to confront a gathering of governors from three Mexican States. There had been rumors that Ulises Ruiz, governor of Oaxaca, would be present, so supporters of the Oaxacan rebellion showed up to demand an end to human rights violations in Oaxaca.  Protesters were also demanding an end to the impunity in Oaxaca, where over 23 people died in last year’s uprising–none of whose killers has yet to be tried let alone  convicted. Unfortunately Ulises did not accompany the CONAGO tour of four major US cities. One demonstrator from Houston, Nick Cooper, said, “As a Texas member of the Friends of Brad Will, I am here today to demand justice for Brad, to demand that Ulises Ruiz be removed from office, to demand freedom for all political prisoners, and to demand justice for all the many groups that Brad supported, including the people of Oaxaca.” Omar Angel, a member of La Otra-Austin remarked that, “This meeting ofgovernors is also hypocritical and dishonest–while they are here in the USA talking about immigration reform their policies in their home  states are repressive and neo-liberal–policies that result in an increase in emigration to the north. This is clearly the case in Oaxaca, where the fascist governor Ulises Ruiz has been maintained in power through the actions of the federal government and organizations like the Conference of Mexican Governors that is meeting here today.”


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