The Mexican federal attorney general’s office (PGR) should take over the investigation of Brad Will’s murder. Urgent Action

To human rights organizations
To journalists’ unions and press freedom organizations
To the National Human Rights Commission (CNDH)

Members of the family of Brad Will Indymedia photojournalist killed on October 27, 2006 while covering conflicts in Oaxaca, Mexico recently visited Mexico City and Oaxaca to meet with human rights organizations, state and federal prosecutors, witness to the crime, and Oaxaca-based social justice organizations.
Oaxaca attorney general, Lisbeth Caña Cadeza, told the family during their meeting on March 21, 2007 that the state had packed up their investigative files to be sent that very night to the Federal Attorney General’s (PGR) office in Oaxaca with a formal request that the federal authorities continue their ongoing, parallel investigation of the case and exercise the right to fully take the case over from the state authorities. The state founded their request on the precedent of the PGR’s recent take over of ten other cases related to the social conflict in Oaxaca .
The PGR has not yet announce a decision over their intent to take over the investigation of Brad Will’s case. We ask all human rights organizations, journalists’ unions and press freedom organizations, and individuals to urge the PGR to take over the case and conduct an investigation that moves beyond the deficiencies of the Oaxaca State Attorney General’s investigation.
We feel that the PGR will be able to stand apart from the political considerations that surround the case and conduct a serious, deep, and efficient investigation that will lead to clearing up the circumstances of the murder and the prosecution of those responsible.
Please use the letter format below for this urgent action, sending copies to the Will family and their lawyer, Miguel Angel de los Santos .
We are grateful for your support,

The Will Family

Kathy and Howard Will
Wendy Will Mikacich
Craig Will
Christy Will

———— ——— ——— ——— ——— ——— ——— ——–

26 de Marzo de 2006.

C. Eduardo Medina Mora Icaza
Procurador General de la Republica.
México, D.F.

C. Octavio Orellana Wiarco
Fiscal Especial para Delitos Cometidos en contra de Periodistas.
Procuradurí­a General de la República.
México, D.F.

We the undersigned request that the Procurador General de la Republica (PGR) exercise its powers of assuming jurisdiction over the investigation of the murder of Indymedia photojournalist Brad Will. Considering the circumstances in which the murder took place and the obvious bias with which the Oaxaca State Attorney General has conducted its investigation, we believe that there is a legal argument for the PGR to carry out a serious, impartial, and efficient investigation to find the truth.

Only an investigation conducted with the above-mentioned characteristics will guarantee quick results, the trial of the responsible parties, and safeguard the rights to justice of those who have been affected by crimes and violations of their human rights,



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