Fourteen organizations found the Popular Assembly of the Peoples of Jalisco

LA JORNADA JALISCO18 de marzo de 2007

Guadalajara, Jalisco, March 17. More than fourteen organizations established the Popular Assembly of the Peoples of Jalisco (APPJ) and approved a plan of struggle for the protection of free expression and the living conditions for the population, and another directed to the defense of the sovereignty of the country and of the national industries, in addition to the distribution of the lands to end the exploitation of the Mexican countryside.

Two weeks after Emilio González Márquez took office as the governor of the state, the members of the APPJ considered that the call of the PAN member for a grand alliance for Jalisco is pure demagoguery, since he has shown his intention to continue “the law of the club (garotte)” which prevailed in the government of Francisco Ramírez Acuña, the present secretary of government. In the Salvador Allende auditorium of the University Center of Social Sciences and Humanities of the University of Guadalajara, where the plenary was held, Guadalupe Zepeda Díaz, of the Coordinating Committee of May 28, said that the organization would drive forward the unification of all the struggles of the peoples of Jalisco and add them to the Popular Assembly of the peoples of Mexico. We find ourselves with a conservative government, that is,  pacing in strategic positions people from the ultra-right, as in the Jalisco Institute of Women. We find ourselves with a Congress filled with PAN people, with a hard line, directly from Ramírez Acuña, one of the principal repressors of the country”. The APPJ will participate in the national strike called for by the National Democratic Convention for May 2, which will include the occupation of department offices and the blocking of bank branches “for the re-establishment of constitutional law.   


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