“Jornada de la lucha de las mujeres Oaxaqueñas” in Oaxaca from March 3-8

To all interested individuals (and especially WOMEN)…

We would like to invite you to come and participate in the “Jornada de
la lucha de las mujeres Oaxaqueñas” in Oaxaca from March 3-8, 2007.
The event is organized and hosted by the COMO-Cómite de Mujeres
Oaxaqueñas, 1 de Agosto (Committee of Oaxacan Women, August 1st)-a
group of women within the APPO (Popular Assembly of the Peoples of
Oaxaca) that is dedicated to promoting the participation and
recognition of women within the stuggle.  They have been some of the
most active members of the APPO and have been the protagonists of some
of the most notable actions of the movement (such as the takeover of
the state-run Channel 9 television/radio station, which happened on
August 1, 2006 and has become the namesake of the women’s coalition).

The week of March 3-8 will be filled with different cultural,
political, and social events in celebration of International Women’s
Day.  Attached is a schedule of these events in Spanish, and below is
a summarized schedule in English.  The COMO has extended a open
invitation to all people, and hope to have an international presence
here in solidarity with the Oaxacan social struggle.  We apologize for
the short notice.

Schedule of Events:

March 3: Presentations focusing on the formation and functions of the
COMO with photo and documentary
March 4: Athletic and Cultural Day (including a presentation of The
Vagina Monologues).
March 5: Work groups to discuss the following themes: what is the
COMO; organic structure of the COMO; the participation of women in the
movement; political participation of women including the electoral
arena, popular power, and the transformation of the state
March 6: Forum on the liberation of the political prisoners (about 63
people remain incarcerated related to the popular movement and are
considered political prisoners or prisoners of conscience)
March 7: State Assembly of Women
March 8: Megamarch led by women

Although all people are invited and encourgaed to attend, we would
like to make a special call to women’s groups, as this will be a
historical and unforgettable event, significant for all women.
If you are considering attending, please contact us, and the Oaxaca
Solidarity Network will be happy to assist you with the organization
of your trip, as well as to connect women’s groups with COMO members
before and during your time here.
During the event, there will also be t-shirts, photos, documentaries,
etc. for sale to support the women’s coalition, as well as for other
causes.  If you would like to make a donation to the COMO beforehand
to help them with the organization of the event, production of
t-shirts and other materials, etc. please contact us for their bank

In solidarity,
Eva Foran and Jacob Muller, the Oaxaca Solidarity Network


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