Oaxaca / Mexiko: Calderón tortures and kills!

Strikes and social movements are still violently opressed in Mexico. The most recent example is
Oaxaca, where a broad civil movement (APPO, 350 organizations with up to a million participants in demonstrations) has been demanding to unseat the corrupt PRI governor Ruiz since May 2006. The governor himself is responding with police death-squads and other paramilitary activities, while Mexico’s central government is militarizing the touristic state of Oaxaca. 
Oaxaca’s population lives in constant fear of state-terror. Daily, there are indiscriminate arrests, and torture and rape in police custody is common; there have been over 20 murders, and attacks on organizations such as a law-firm representing APPO prisoners.Mexico’s president Calderón has come into power through electoral fraud and can only hold his seat by represssing and militarizing entire sections of the country. Calderón is furthemore one of the wooed guests at the WEF 2007. Ultimately, everyone is making good business-deals with the Mexican economy: Nestlé is dealing with coffee and is investing in the water- business, ABB is constructing electricity nets and gas works, and Pilatus Porter planes from Stans, used for counter-insurgence, are gladly delivered. Human rights? Negative report.

No exemption from punishment for torturers and murderers!

The murderers of over 20 people, among them also Brad Will, an independent journalist from the USA, must be punished!

Clarification of the fate of two dozend missing people!
Freedom for over 60 prisoners!
Stop the dirty war against the people of Mexico! 

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